Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finding the New Normal

As you can tell from the lack of posting this past month, things got busy!  I started back to work on February 15, and my part-time ended up more like full-time.  The good part of that though was it meant I was busy, and once I got to work and got busy, I stressed less about leaving Liam.  The best part of me going back to work though was that Liam got to spend 2.5 weeks with Grandma and Grandpa!  My parents came in from MI and stayed with us from Valentine's Day through the first of March so that Liam wouldn't have to start day care until he was at least two months old.  I think that my parents had as much fun as Liam did :)

The first full week of March brought day care, and we are fortunate that we have a center that we really like.  Liam also gets to spend all day with his cousin Hattie, as they are in the same room, at least for the time being.  Liam seems to have adjusted to day care pretty well.  He still wasn't sleeping through the night, getting up at least once, if not twice, to eat, but he was happy and healthy overall.  It's been an adustment though, going from getting to spend all day with my little one to just a few hours at night and a bit in the morning getting ready.  I miss all that time with him and love the weekends.  Overall we are all adjusting pretty well to what our new normal is of work and play.

Then we got to last Wednesday night.  We got to experience our first visit to the ER in the wee hours of the morning.  It started out fairly normal.  A bit of cluster feeding, but after a bottle at 11:30, Liam was just not a happy camper.  He just couldn't quite find it and you could tell he was uncomfortable with his fussing.  He and I hung out downstairs for a few hours, ate again about 1:30, and then the troubles came.  He started SCREAMING.  A loud, ongoing scream that said I hurt!  I had no clue what could be wrong and tried everything from tummy massage to gas drops to gripe water, all to no avail. Finally about 3 am I got Jay up to help so I could call the 24 hour nurse line.  They told us to bring him in.  Of course on the 20 minute drive to the hospital, he calmed down, but still wasn't comfortable.  The diagnosis was acid reflux, just a harder to diagnose case because he didn't have some of the typical symptoms like spitting up.  So we started Zantac and found out one of the benefits was that from Thursday night on, he has slept through the night.  Liam sleeping for about 7-9 hours has become our new norm (although he does wake up a time or two and sort of talk himself back to sleep). A. MA. ZING.  The first few days went well, but he had another big episode yesterday morning after his bottle.  I'm somewhat convinced there is a trigger food that I'm eating that sets him off.  We're in the process now of trying to figure out what it is all while treating the acid while we can.  We did learn on our visit to the doctor yesterday though that he is up to THIRTEEN pounds!  The kid eats like a champ, let me tell you!  He's starting to show his weight a bit too, a few rolls on the thighs and a much fuller face.  It's still pretty darn adorable though.

So that's been the fun around our house.  We are hoping the Zantac will help ease his pain and discomfort, because it really does just break your heart when he screams and cries from the pain and there's nothing that makes it feel better.  Aside from those few episodes though, Liam is so much fun.  He is getting much more interactive, he smiles and laughs and you can't help but do the same.  He's getting so big though, before we know it he is going to be mobile (and at that point, Harley better watch out!).  I leave you this post with Liam sporting green...a color he's been wearing a lot lately as he cheers for MSU!

Photo Update - Mid February to Mid March

I'm a pirate...arrrr

Angel Baby
My littlest Valentine
Testing out his new quilt...nap time approved

Getting some love from mom

Cheering for MSU...First the Big Ten Title, now the NCAA tournament!
Motorcycle baby
Happy Boy

Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Photo Update

First Bath

Strategically placed arm :)

Just change the diaper and quit taking pictures already, mom!

Poor kid :)
Liam says he's formal, but here to party
Isn't this awesome!?
Truth in advertising
Ready for some football!
Hey there beautiful...that's right, I'm winking at you ;)