Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another first...haircut!

Liam got his first real haircut...and just like that he looked even more like a little boy and not a baby.  We had trimmed up Liam's mullet back in December, but he still had quite the crazy head of hair.  Long and fine up top, a couple of cowlicks, and nice thick hair in back of varying lengths.  We decided that particular Sunday was the day and headed to Great Clips (it didn't hurt that he was in a fabulous mood after his nap, what better time for an adventure?!)

Stephanie at Great Clips was fabulous.  She did great with Liam, and he was about perfect...with a little help from the Kindle Fire and Curious George.  The pouty lip came out for a second at first, but he adjusted quickly and didn't fuss at all.  He ended up with a haircut just like his daddy...short on the sides and a bit longer/spiky on top.  A little bit of product and my spiky-haired little dude was set!

Friday, February 8, 2013


It's no secret that Liam is a big fan of Harley and loves nothing more than to play with/torment/feed her.  Harley doesn't quite return the same depth of feeling, unless there is food involved :)  Liam greeted me Sunday morning by constantly calling for Har-wee, and it continued throughout the day, to the point I couldn't resist getting it on camera.  There's no doubt what Liam is trying to say here!

P.S.  Please ignore his snotty nose...we were all under the weather on Sunday, and Liam and I decided it was a perfect day to spend all day in our PJs and relax and recuperate :)