Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Falling further and further behind...

I have a feeling that I need to just get used to this feeling of constantly falling behind on the little things...blogging, my craft projects, etc. etc.  As long as it isn't Liam, Jay or work I fall too far behind in, I figure I'm doing ok :)

I still need to post more about our awesome trip to Michigan last month.  Hard to believe though, the monkey turns six months old tomorrow.  With that he gets his next visit to the doctor, poor kid.  He does well though, or at least has in the past, so I'm hoping tomorrow brings more of the same when it comes to that!  He's growing so fast...I'll post more tomorrow after we get the stats, but since I never did post the 5 month monkey photo, I thought I'd post it a few others today :)
Five months!

Napping on Grandpa's boat

Making gangster look good
Happy to see mom after she was gone for a few nights!

#1 Rule - Always wear your life jacket!

So big!