Friday, April 26, 2013

Time Flies Part Two

The past two months continued...

We celebrated Daddy's birthday...

And Grandma and Grandpa brought a fabulous present to Iowa (although someone now HATES to go inside), while also sharing the fun of playing "monkey in the middle"...

We reconfirmed Liam's status as "grandpa's boy"...

And we worked on becoming a basketball star...sort of...

We found our belly...

And we celebrated Easter with the family (looking quite handsome of course!)

OH BOY! There are nilla wafers/goldfish in that egg!

A good looking trio of cousins!

And that concludes the brief photo collage of the past two months!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time Flies

I can't believe it has been two months since I posted last!  We've had a lot of fun and a lot of adventures with our little monkey since then, which I'll try to summarize here.  He's not so little anymore though, he is definitely turning into a little boy and not a baby.  It is so exciting to see him grow, yet a little sad at the same time.

Meeting Clifford:

Clifford, who is a favorite at our house, turns 50 this year!  To celebrate, the Des Moines Public Libraries (which I LOVE) had a Clifford story hour at various time and locations in the city.  One was near Drake, so Liam and I took the morning off and hit the library!  I wasn't sure how he'd do with the group and with the big stuffed creature, but I should have known better than to worry.  We had to pry him away from Clifford to leave and he was fascinated listening during the story time.

The Simple Joys
We also discovered the joy of boxes and the microphone

Williams Family Visit

Then we hit March, which started off with a fabulous visit from the family, including cousin Kaeson.  This was fun to see as Liam had to share his "stuff" and he wasn't quite sure what to make of that. Overall, he seemed to like having Kaeson around though!
Grandpa and his boys

Hattie's Birthday
Our next big event was Hattie's second birthday, which Liam enjoyed every bit as much as Hattie did I think when it came to the cake!  He also learned to "play" piano and introduced Amelia to the joys of "Super Why".


We also spent a lot of time just relaxing, kicking back, and being generally adorable.  We'll pick up next post with the Easter photos!