Friday, October 19, 2012

Nine Months!

Little Liam is not-so-little anymore!   He is now (because I'm slow to post this) about 9 and 1/2 months old.  We are getting ever closer to that 1 year mark and it just doesn't seem to be possible.  At his nine month appointment he flirted with the nurse (as always) and charmed the doctor (of course).  Those baby blue eyes already have the women falling for him.  His measurements were good, he is still in the 98th percentile when it comes to head size, he was 28 inches long (30th percentile) and weighed 20 pounds 10 ounces (64th percentile).  Everything else was healthy and looked good! 

WHOA MOM! Easy on that flash
Well, except for those darn ears.  His 9 month appointment was also his two-week follow up from his first ear infection.  That ear looked good, but the other ear, not so much.  The poor kid has had a rough month or so.  Since mid-September we've had croup, a left ear infection, a right ear infection and as of this week, pink eye in both eyes.  If this is how healthy we are through the fall, I'm almost afraid to see how winter is going to be.

Even with all this, he sleeps like a champ, which we are so thankful for!  And even when he's not feeling great, he's such a happy, smiling kid that half the time you can almost forget he's sick.  He's starting to eat real food, he had such food envy going at day care that we had to give permission for him to start eating food with the "big kids".  We still only have the two bottom teeth, but I suspect that by the time I do the 10 month update he'll have some top ones to add to the collection.

Liam has discovered that there is an entire house to explore, and the kid has some speed.  He now crawls all over the downstairs and we've learned to keep as many doors closed to block off rooms as possible.  Containment is next to impossible, but we limit where we can!  Walking isn't far off...he already walks while holding on to the table or other furniture.  I'm not hurrying him along though here, it just seems like he is growing so old so fast!

Mr. Monkey continues to shrink it seems, at least when compared to Liam.  This month it was next to impossible to get a picture of the two of them next to each other!  I may need to find more creative ways for a comparison in the coming months.

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