Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It was Liam's first Halloween!  We didn't get him too dolled up, but he did get to dress up twice since trick-or-treating isn't actually on Halloween around here.

I had two adorable helpers when it came time to hand out candy!  Liam and Harley were definitely the draws at our house, kids would see them at the door and come running to say hi :)

Harley, our furchild, has quite the collection of Halloween costumes.  Bumblebee, devil, cow...and jack o'lantern.  Since she and Liam weigh the same, and are about the same size, it was perfect to share costumes!  Poor kid may be traumatized by the fact he wore a dog costume his first Halloween, but I think he's tough ;)

And he was pretty darn adorable.  We didn't have him wear the topper, but I did put it on his head to get a few shots of the whole look.

Then for Halloween Day, Baby Lamb seemed appropriate (especially since Amelia still calls him that)!  So an Old Navy critter hoodie made for an easy, and warm, "costume".  I'm already making plans though for the first time he goes trick-or-treating...I think I even have Jay agreed to the costume, as it involves him as well!  Good thing I have a year (or maybe two) to work on this...

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