Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hungry Belly

It's official.  My belly has now swallowed my hand when I take the sitting down belly shot.  Not only have I lost my toes, but now my hand as well :)

Baby Z seems to be growing about on schedule. I had an appointment last week where we were back to measuring roughly right on track (30 cm at 29 weeks) and heartbeat was good as well, between 146-148.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that means no giant baby!  Other than the typical aches and pains and "fun" of pregnancy (swollen ankles, fatigue, etc.), things are going quite well and I really can't complain!

It's hard to believe that 30 weeks have passed already!  It's going to be time for his arrival before we know it.  I had my last real travel trip last week, when I attended a conference in Texas.  I'm glad I went, and it was a great few days, but wow do I tire quickly.  I have to say I'm glad that I'll be sticking closer to home these next few months and not dealing with airports and airplanes and all that fun for a while.

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  1. Traveling is certainly tough when you're pregnant. I flew to Michigan for a baby shower when I was 34 weeks along and it was miserable (the actual flying part). Glad to hear that you're grounded now until after Baby Z gets here!