Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blame the Pleats

Here is another of the famous self-portraits of me sitting at my desk, looking down at the beach ball, I mean belly.  For some reason today struck me as looking rather large, so I'm blaming the pleats on the dress.  I mean, I don't like to wear pleated pants due to the effect on my hips, so I figure it must be the pleats on the dress that make me look large :)

I did hear from a couple of students that I had a cute pregnant belly (keep those types of comments coming!) and since I'm not teaching this school year it couldn't have even been hopes of a good grade that made them say it!  Same with the girl today who said I didn't look that big for being just 6 or so weeks away from my due date (bless her, she even said it with a straight face!).

All was good at the 33 week checkup this week, just plugging along, growing, gaining weight, good heartbeat.  I keep hearing Dory from Finding Nemo in my head now "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" when I think about the next few weeks.

Baby Monkey got to go to his first college football game on Saturday, and it was a FABULOUS day to be a Spartan!  Jay and I, his parents and sister made the trek to Iowa City to watch my Michigan State Spartans play the Iowa Hawkeyes.  We tailgated (check out the awesome can of O'Douls I'm holding) before and after the game and had a great time (even if the hormone monster might have made a slight appearance when it came to picking the parking spot...luckily both it and the pouting was short lived).  Best of all, for the first time in ten years, I was present for a Spartan Victory!  A perfect first game for Baby Z...not that Jay agrees with that opinion!  Below is our crew...despite the scarves, it really was just perfect weather for football, especially for mid-November.

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