Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

It's December!  That means that not only is it Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas around here...but it's also baby month!  That's right, the way it looks, Baby Z will be joining us one way or another before the end of the month.  We are officially at week 36 as of today, and I have a hard time believing we are 9 months along!

Some lovely (ha) 35 1/2 week shots.

We learned last week that Baby Z is head down and getting ready to go, so that was good news.  Ideally, he will stay that way!  Everything else was measuring good as well, including my blood pressure and all that fun stuff.  I now start weekly appointments, with the first of the nonstress tests tomorrow.  The off chance that might not go well has again spurred me into action today: wrapping Christmas presents, getting the car seat ready, writing thank you notes, packing the hospital bag, etc. etc.  We figured out yesterday that we were smarter than the pack-n-play, which was a relief.  It took a bit more work to get it back down and put away today, but again, we were the victors.

Now it's just a waiting game though!  Baby Z is living up to his name and is a little monkey in there, some days feeling like he's swinging from my rib cage, others like he's just bouncing from organ to organ.  I'm getting paranoid about Christmas, so I've been online shopping like crazy!  A few more good days at work and I think I'll feel like we're in pretty good shape should I have to take off a few weeks early.  The waiting, waiting, waiting is hard though...the time has flown by, yet it seems like forever at the same time.  Other than discomfort/pain while sleeping, I really can't complain about how I'm feeling though.  So far I've even managed to avoid the pregnancy waddle...we'll see if that remains true over the next few weeks!

I did manage to get one project done for Baby Z on the crafting side.  Months and months and months ago, like last winter, I took a baby blanket crochet class.  I started a blanket, and then set it aside about 80% of the way done in order to start on one for my youngest niece.  One project led to another, and I never got back to it, and I haven't exactly been full of energy and crafty these last few months (despite the best laid plans...someday I will get those valances made for the nursery!!).  Last week though, I FINALLY got the blanket done, and it felt good to cross a project off the list.   

By the way, my Rose Bowl prediction ALMOST came true, as my Spartans came thisclose to getting the Big Ten Rose Bowl bid.   I think it shows Baby Z is both a Spartan and Hawkeye fan though, as this way neither of his parents is going to have to regret not getting to go to Pasadena to see his/her team play :)

I better get back to work, so much to do when this "nesting" bug hits!


  1. You look adorable! And I can't believe that baby will be here so soon.

  2. Thanks :) And I have a hard time believing it too...I'm sitting here updating my to-do list at the moment, ha!