Friday, December 16, 2011

Is Today the Day?

Every day I wake up and I think, "is today the last day I'll be pregnant?"  Part of me gets really excited about that idea, the part that would really like to see Baby Monkey, the part thatwould really like to sleep on my stomach again, the part of me that has worn a path between my office and the library bathroom.  Then there's the other part of me though, who knows that I'll miss certain things like feeling him kick and move around in there (except maybe not the kicking and settling on the sciatic nerve, that I could do without), the part of me that is a bit terrified about the whole labor and delivery thing, and the part of me that knows he is a lot easier to take care of inside than out!

Either way though, we are getting closer and closer to D-Day (delivery day).  At my appointment this week, enough progress had been made that they are comfortable scheduling an induction for 39 weeks, which is tentatively looking like December 27 (I'll know for sure after my appointment on the 19th).  It could be any time before then, should he decide to come out on his own though, which is what I'm hoping for!  But considering today is the 16th, and if they induce on the 27th, well, we're just about into the single digits left of days before we are officially parents. 

So in the meantime, now that we are officially full term, I'm working those pressure points with chiropractic care, massage and accupuncture, eating lots of pineapple, trying to make myself do more walking, anything I can think of to keep things moving!  I feel like there are a number of other old wives' tales I need to try though too, maybe it's time to do some research!

33 weeks - can tell how far he's dropped by comparing to this week!


  1. Such and exciting and scary time! Sharing the birth story is always fun...can't wait to hear yours!!!

  2. So excited for you two! Enjoy these last couple of weeks as a family of two, and get a lot of rest. :) Life will only get sweeter with that new baby boy! Cannot wait to hear the updates. Take care.

  3. Super exciting!! Try not to worry too much about the labor part. Our bodies were designed beautifully to give birth and just trust your baby and body. I had a beautiful and easy home birth without drugs and I had a lot of naysayers, but in the end just know that nature happens when it's ready and that your experience will be your own and the less you try to plan the easier it is to let go and let nature take its course :-) Best of luck, you will do super great!! Enjoy that baby bubble with your newborn for as long as possible! It was last year at this time that I had my baby, so I have wonderful vivid memories right now.