Saturday, December 10, 2011

To Waddle Or Not To Waddle

So far I think I've been able to avoid the pregnancy waddle.  There are days I sort of limp, thanks to Baby Z deciding to use a nerve as a chair, but I don't feel as though that counts as a true "waddle".  We are wrapping up week 36 here, tomorrow Baby Monkey will officially be considered full term and is welcome to come join us any time!

All was well apparently with the first of the weekly nonstress tests.  We didn't get much feedback, but since they sent us home and said we'll see you next week, I took that as a good sign.  In the mean time, we've gotten about as ready as we can here...bag is packed, Christmas presents are wrapped and the basics are ready.  Of course, that surely means that he's going to make us wait until the bitter end since we (and I suspect a number of the grandparents and other assorted family members) are impatiently tapping our toes and waiting.

This week's photos made me laugh...I took the one from the front, and though, oh, that's not TOO bad...and then I switched views and just laughed :)


  1. You look beautiful, Jennie! HUGS <3 From Kimberly and Konnor Trevallion