Monday, December 19, 2011

Snuggly Sunday

This was how Harley and I spent almost all of Sunday morning...all snuggled up in the chair with Baby Monkey.  It was a pretty darn good way to pass the first half of the day :)  I'm just hoping that Harley likes Baby Z just as well when he is outside as she does when he is inside!

We had a good weekend here, celebrating Christmas with Jay's family, which was a ton of fun with a 3 year old around who was SO EXCITED to open presents!  Today was the last of my scheduled doctor's appointments, which is so hard to believe!  All was good though with the nonstress testing, the nurse called it a textbook happy baby.  The rest of the appointment was good too, and we now have a date for the induction next week.  Unless Baby Z joins us on his own, I check into the hospital on the evening of the 26th and should (hopefully) have a baby by the 27th!  So we have a plan and a date and a time (assuming nothing changes between now and then).  In the meantime, I'm still hoping he'll come on his own, so yesterday we took a nice long walk and ate a bunch of the foods that folks recommended as having worked for them.  No dice yet, darn it!  Today was back to acupuncture from the chiropractor, and we may be back to my acupuncturist yet too.  Only two more days of work though, and then the University closes for the holidays...and then I get another 6-8 weeks after that to spend lots more mornings snuggling with Harley and Baby Z!

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