Friday, July 27, 2012

Seven Months!

Another month has come and gone and Baby Lamb is growing like a weed!  The past month he's been learning all sorts of new tricks...he can sit up on his own, he can get himself into a sitting position from laying down, and he scootches everywhere!  He isn't quite crawling yet, but he's close.  The only direction he can't go is forward.  He's got backwards down solid, and between that and this nice spin move he has, he can pretty much get anywhere he wants to go.  On Sunday morning he found his toy basket and before I knew it, had all the toys out and spread all over everywhere :)

We don't have any teeth yet, but we are definitely in the teething process.  You can feel bumps and see where it's about to pop through there on the bottom middle.  As of yet he hasn't been TOO terribly fussy, and I am hoping we are lucky enough it stays that way. 

Liam loves his food!  So far we've been trying all sorts of fruits and vegetables, and there's very little he hasn't liked, or in some cases loved.  All of that eating is helping him keep growing, Jay say him on the scale last night and he was 20.0 pounds!  He's definitely gotten taller too.  And while he has some padding, he's also just a solid kid!  He's so interactive and loves to "talk" to you.  (Liam tells fabulous stories!).  He's lost his mullet (or mud flap as I also heard it referred to) and has hair!  He's turning into a little blue-eyed blonde boy, ready to be a heart-breaker. 

With that, here are a few of the pics of him and Mr. Monkey at 7 months.  It is now officially impossible to keep him still long enough to get a good photo with his toy!  I may have to start doing this when he's sleeping, although since he sleeps on his belly with his butt in the air, that may not make a good photo to see how he's grown ;)

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