Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Liam's First Christmas

This year we spent Christmas with the Zwagerman side of the family up at the lake, visiting Grandma and Grandpa. With all 3 grandkids there, it wasn't exactly a quiet holiday, but it sure was fun!  It was busy weekend, full of family and friends, which is the perfect way to spend Christmas.  Liam not only got to celebrate his first Christmas, but also his first Festivus!

While he still hasn't quite figured out the whole "opening gifts" thing, he certainly enjoyed all his new toys, and he was only a *little* spoiled :)  It was wonderful to see all the family and friends and Liam had so much fun.  He played HARD all 4 days and was so tired that he slept 13 hours through the night after we got home on Christmas day!

He needs to get his rest though, we have a big week ahead of us of playing and visiting, his 1 year checkup at the doctor, and his first birthday! I still need to figure out how to do an album on here, but while I do that, here are a few Christmas highlight photos

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that the spirit of Christmas, sharing and giving, stays with you throughout the year.

Attempting to sneak up on the presents while Harley enjoys her new toy from Santa

Opening up presents from Santa (with a bit of help from his cousins!)

Stealing one of Amelia's gifts from Santa -- Thor's hammer

Already learning how to drive

New book!

His very own microphone


Playing paper dolls

These two are going to be trouble!

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