Saturday, December 29, 2012


A small group of family and friends gathered today to celebrate Liam's first birthday!  Lots of food, and of course some cake (cupcakes for everyone else) and the usual amount of fun and craziness made for a fun afternoon.  At least until 3 of the 4 kids here had to go down for a nap.  That tends to cut a party short :)

He wasn't all that excited about his cake, especially at first, and was actually relatively "neat" when it came to eating.  Liam would only eat the cake with his spoon, silly kid.  The one time we want him to go all out and make a mess, he insists on using his manners :)  He got some fun toys, awesome clothes, played hard and then crashed for a nap.  All in all, I think he had a pretty good day.

Happy Birthday, Liam!

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