Monday, January 28, 2013

Just keep growing, growing, growing...

January has been another month of growing and learning for Liam.  He discovered the fun that is Finding Nemo (although mom and dad may have enjoyed that more than Liam, at least for now!), and is loving all his new toys from Christmas and his birthday.  We spend a lot of time playing on the farm, typing on the laptop, playing the piano and reading.  Liam LOVES his books, and he's almost as happy to sit and "read" to either himself or you as he is for you to read to him. 
Discovering the joy of Barnes and
Noble at an early age :)

He does have a clear favorite when it comes to an author though - Leslie PatricelliQuiet Loud was the favorite book, but it has somehow disappeared (OH NO!).  Luckily thought, Big Little was there to save the day, and since then we've also added No No Yes Yes and Yummy Yucky.  As Liam learned to shake his head no no no no no (and sometimes yes yes yes), that one is starting to become a favorite as well.  If you haven't seen these books before, I highly recommend them, they are very fun, and you can make them interactive with the opposites.  :)

Little guy not feeling so well
Liam started off 2013 with a bang, managing to hit the trifecta in early January - the flu, pneumonia and an ear infection.  It was along week, but he recovered quickly and seems to be doing much, much better.  We're hoping it stays that way, a few weeks of a healthy kid would be welcome at this point.  The fun right now is teething, as each of the past two weekends we had another tooth pop through.  Slowly.  And apparently painfully.  Poor kid.  We're up to SEVEN teeth though, four on top and three on bottom.  I suspect we're going to see a few more shortly here though the way those gums look!

We are starting to recognize more and more words, and he does like to babble away.  "No" is quite clear, and "Harley" is at times.  He is a little mimic though, and it's a fun game to get him to try to say or do what you do.  This works for animal sounds, talking, dancing, and even eating at times.  We have so much fun with him, and Liam keeps us both on the go and very entertained.  Now if we can just keep him healthy, we'll be on a roll!

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