Thursday, August 16, 2012

August in Review

What a month August has been!  The growing and learning is always non-stop with Liam, but this just seemed to be a busier month than normal for milestones.  I'll have to keep updating this list as the month goes on.  The rate this kid is going it will be much longer!

  • August 2-4        Started & mastered crawling.  Watch out world, Liam is on the move! Poor  
                              Harley, another big adjustment for her
  • August 10         First tooth popped through on the bottom!
  • August 11-        Went to first wedding reception.  Proceeded to pee all over mom, who luckily  
                              had an extra dress with her (I will now forever have an excuse for packing
  • August 12-15    Pulls self up to knees using the coffee table and footstool...might be able to go
                              all the way, but gets distracted the the edge of both, apparently they are
                              awesome teething toys
  • August 14         Official weight - 20 lbs 10 oz.  Luckily just a summer virus that took us to the 
                              doctor, not something more serious
  • August 15         Held own bottle for an entire feeding!(He did it the next day again too)
  • August 16         Second tooth popped through on bottom! Requested steak for dinner,
                              request denied
  • August 16         Pulled self up to standing all by himself for the first time.  Apparently the crib
                              rail was too tempting a chew toy to resist

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