Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Moving on Up!

Well, he's not standing up and dancing (without help) yet, but it's been a big few days here for Liam as he is now moving!  Crawling has commenced, and as he continues to improve in speed everyday I have a feeling he'll be finding stuff to get into that I had no idea was there in no time.  In addition, we have a bottom tooth that is "thisclose" to popping through, so far no major pain seems to be associated with it, which is lucky for Liam (and us!).  And not only does he crawl, he's isn't content with just that achievement and seems to think that he needs to learn how to stand up already.  He has just about mastered pulling himself up to standing using the coffee table, and is NOT happy with us when we move him over to the overstuffed footstool instead to practice over there.  Something about hard edges and table legs make us a bit nervous to watch him try to master that skill.


I managed to get a short video this morning, but no matter how much I enticed him with the rattle, he didn't want to show off too much. We are entering in to a whole new world here.  We're excited for it, I'm not so sure about Harley Sue though. She may be spending a lot more time in her "safe place" under the guest bed, hiding from little fingers and a little boy that is fascinated by his dog.

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